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Toxic Beliefs
Toxic Beliefs That Lead To Weight Gain
It is simply amazing how much information is out there for people trying to lose weight and get in shape. You'd imagine that every single one of us would be slender, strong, healthy and athletic, thanks to all that information at our fingertips.
So why do so many people battle to shed even one pound? We listen to cravings, instead of listening to our intuition.
Unfortunately, the information you're being fed is doing the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do!

Did you know?
  •  Over 90% of the so-called "health" foods on the supermarket shelves are packed with sugar, trans fats, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients?
  •  Convenience meals can contain up to double the calories of a similar, home-prepared meal?
  •  Most processed foods have to have vitamins added, because all the natural ones are lost during processing - and they sure don't put all of them back, either!
There are way too many toxic beliefs about weight loss and healthy living doing the rounds, and it's time to change your toxic thinking!
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  •  Learn what healthy, mindful eating really involves - it's a lot simpler than you think!
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