Are you ready to Eat Your Way Beautiful?
14-Day Smoothie Challenge
Are you ready to… Tango with your inner awesome girl?
Shine pure joy out into the world?
Feel whole, connected, playful and rich?
If the answer is yes yes yes, welcome home darling.
LET's make it happen while you eat your way beautiful!
Hi! I am Darviny and I am not a health coach, but rather a lifestyle connoisseur.
Growing up in the South of France, with a mother who was a nutritionist way before it was on trend, I developed a deep love of French cooking and fine dining, finding a healthy balance between clean eating and occasional indulgences. 
I bring this knowledge, as well as decades of experience as a restauranteur and a kundalini yoga teacher, to my work. I have a strong understanding of the principles of fitness and nutrition and have dedicated my life to empowering individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing. 

Use this great handout to find your inner and outer beauty and this is not for just the ladies, gents are invited too. Beauty comes from having the right foods in your life. This whole program has been about giving you the tools you need for success in your life but here is my cheat sheet for my Top Energy foods, which are really my top beauty foods. 
Think healthy foods, beauty foods and foods that give us massive energy for the fueled life we deserve. 
I am here to guide you step-by-step back to a state of balance, health and well-being. 
Darviny is the creator of The Awesome Girl Journey™ and presents the online show Love Darviny xoxo™. A lifestyle connoisseur, with decades of experience as a restauranteur and kundalini yoga teacher, Darviny is on a quest to make sure the Inner Awesome Girl™ inside all of us has her chance to shine through and make an impact on the world. She inspires action through The Seven Keys to Happiness™, a range of transformational health & wellbeing products intended to encourage her audience to Be Obsessively Grateful™ and Discover the Simple Pleasures of a Life Well Lived™.
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