Looking to Lose those Extra Inches before your Big Event?

Want to Look Great & Feel Even Better?

Ready to Rock your Awesome Dress?
Life can change in a moment and sometimes all you need is to be in the right place, at the right time, looking irresistible in a breath-taking dress that makes you feel like a million dollars!

Being ready for that moment however, can take quite a bit of work. We’ve all been there haven’t we girls?

That feeling when you realise your irresistible dress just doesn’t fit right…

You’ve tried every diet, read every article and had your fair share of let downs.

If you’re ready to ditch that diet mentality once and for all then we’ve got just the solution for you!

A clean eating program that will help you get into that gown and make sure you look good, feel good and have fun while getting there by tackling body toxicity, boosting energy levels & saying goodbye to those extra inches for good.

Us Awesome Girls spend our time looking after our families, our homes and our careers and still make sure we find time to look after ourselves.

We balance our busy lifestyles with a series of amazing adventures, yet we cannot do this all alone – sometimes, we need to have a little extra help…

Our 7 Day Awesome Girl Challenge is NOT a diet, it’s a way of integrating good nutrition and wellness principles into the life YOU want to lead.

We’ll tackle portion and craving control, ditch the junk and cleanse your body. You’ll learn a series of fun exercises and wellness activities as well as how to love the person you are, inside and out.

You’ll leave the challenge bursting with energy and feeling healthier & happier than you have in ages.
If you’re anything like us, you’re the kind of Awesome Girl who loves to treat herself to a divine dress and will go out of her way to find a reason to wear it.

Romantic date, weekend escape, dinner party, girls night out… whatever the occasion, we can help you slip into that stunning dress in 7 days flat.
Just Remember, You CAN Have
Shinier Hair
Longer Nails
Clearer Skin
Better Moods
Increased Energy
Greater Sex Drive
By joining the 7 Day Awesome Girl Challenge! you’ll receive:
  • Our 24 Page Rock That Dress! Program Guide
  •  Over 21 Mouthwatering, Easy to Prepare Recipes
  •  A Detailed Time Saving Shopping List
  •  A 7 Day Suggested Meal Planning Guide
  •  An Online Community of Awesome Girls Ready to Rock this Challenge
Make sure you’re ready for your moment when it arrives by joining the 7-Day Awesome Girl Challenge for only $47.
Welcome to your WOW Factor!
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